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What do we do?

From our company we take care of all that is related to your reform, be it integral or partial, without you having to worry about anything.

Our team of professionals is responsible for carrying out your project in a coordinated way, between the work crew, the administrative and the commercial staffs.

All this allows your needs to be met more quickly and efficiently.

Reforms and integral or partial restoration of spaces, houses, shops, premises, bathrooms, kitchens, roofs, façades, communities, recovery of timeworn buildings…

Kitchen renovations



Recovery of antique properties

Construction and renovation of bathrooms


Decks (Roofs)




Rehabilitation of buildings

Interior and exterior painting

Work method

First of all, thank you for the confidence you have placed in our team. We will try by all means the full satisfaction of the completion of your work or renovation.

At all times you will be informed of how the work in charge is evolving, in case there is an unforeseen event that requires modification of the plan. Whenever we have to change any point in the initial work plan, you will be informed so that you can assess the new situation.



Just before the start of the work


The work in charge is halved


End of the work

The payment method will be 50% of the total just before the start of the work, up to half the time allocated to all work. 40% at the time the work in charge is halved, and at the end of the work, the final 10%.